1 ene. 2012

Hi! 2012

Well, I m starting this 2012 with a lot of energy, I feel like renovated hehe
the last night I went to sleep too late almost 5:00am or something like that
and I woke up like 8:00 of clock. I feel diferent I can really feel it, I hope this feeling will stay with me all the year, Guys! if you read this Happy New year 2012!
I hope your dreams will come true, have a nice day and nice rest of the year.

I keep working after a huge mental block or I dunno, but I feel fine right now, is why I insist on " I FEEL RENOVATED"
I´m currently working on a kind of surrealism and I said "kind of" because I´m not sure about that, I leave u with a couple of them.

[sayHELLO!orSUSCRIBE I don't bite persons]

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